Calendar 2016 Semaphor

This calender for 2016 is standing in the sign of the semaphore. This term, originating in the greek language, means “sign””carrying”.

As in every single intervention by Birgit and Peter Kainz, the term HUMANE as well as the sentence

humanism does not fail when our courage is leaving us, but when our soul turns away from our actions

is being signalized.

A semaphore appears as a relict of bygone times. Even though it is still used in some places, this way of conveying messages is already replaced by time specific techniques. A „Winkeralphabet“ seems to be exhausting and slow to decode nowadays. However, Formsignals, windsemaphores, heliographs and morsinglamps, as optical messaging techniques, indicate the passion and necessity of communication between people. 

The way humanisms is lived lies in the possibilities of every single human individually; which message we are sending using the semaphore as well.