HUMAN – signs in a eco-social landscape, 2010

the concept

In the art project HUMANE by Birgit and Peter Kainz on the 13th of June 2010 the term HUMANE gains in importance again. This time the projection screens of humanism are five warehouses in the land around laa. Therefore in each case one letter of the word is drawn onto a granary using chalk. Besides the ecological and agricultural aspect the towers are representing, this project should bring the social and ecological cooperation forward.

the human being
Furthermore people living in the land around laa are important themselves. To show active humanism, families are interviewed concerning their social, ecological and humanistic way of life. Through precise questions they provide us with new ideas of cross-cultural communication, therefore representing all the people living in this area. Boards of information and -take-away-materials should support people even after the presentation to keep up and think about the communication network, which was newly formed through the project.

the symbol
During a spontaneous meeting on-site, new forms of communication were discovered by the inhabitants of the region in the land around laa, the outsized letters, which disappear when it is raining, were created to represent this process.
Symbolizing interpersonal relationships the letters drawn in chalk show how easy realtionships can disappear, but also how the can be stabilized by regularly looking after them.

presentation of the project on the 13th of June 2010 in the depository of Stronsdorf (NÖ) at 2 pm