Exhibition “errors of photographs”,Gallery Artmark, 2014

Away from the thought that technology- and especially in digital photography- is perfect, the unintentional image mistakes are standing in the focus of the aesthetic vision. Nothing concrete can be found on the images, unusually for photography. One can just see colourful pixels, areas and mistakes. The image mistakes can be found in the artmark gallery in Vienna from the 25th of Januard alongside artist Isa Stein. 

The history of photography around the beginnings of 1839 is also the history about loosing control. Since the first photography trials there were always materials standing in focus which their chemical reaction was uncontrollable and unforeseeable in a way. The resulting failures and mistakes just show how, when working with photography techniques, there is always an independent technology working behind the process.

The dots and pixels can only be identified as mistakes or disturbances, but exactly those disturbances show the technique of image making behind it.Especially in the medium photography reality has to be shown.Just through mistakes the technological procedure is becoming visible and the ambivalence between reality and construction is showing.